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MONAT isn't Just the Next Big Thing, it's a Movement!

MONAT is a revolutionary line of naturally based beauty and hair care products for men and women. We are the first social marketing company that is entirely focused on premium hair care and grooming products.

My MONATION  is simply our network of MONAT partners who wanted to change their lives and the lives of those around them through MONAT.

Our Team

MONAT is a social marketing company that employs the power of network marketing at it’s core. Each member of Our Team joined MONAT as someone looking to live beautiful, healthy, fulfilling lives through exceptional natural products. Once they discovered the joy MONAT brought into their own lives, they wanted to share that experience with those around them, and My MONATION was born!

Jamie Jamison

MONAT Market Partner

Jamie has been with MONAT under Team Momentum since 2019. She currently has the rank of Managing Market Partner.

Sierra Jamison

MONAT Market Partner

Sierra is the niece to Jamie Jamison and joined MONAT in August of 2019 as a Market Partner.

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